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Pic Nic In Luxury

If you love having a picnic, you will love the experience of a luxury pic nic. This pic nice is totally different from any other picnic you have ever had. You can choose from several different cities for your luxury pic nic. You can just about have as many guests as you choose to create the pic nic you desire.

You will find that these luxury pic nic's will exceed your expectations. They are great for any type of get-together. You can choose a luxury pic nic for any type of celebration such as birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, date night and more. You and your guests can enjoy a 2 hour picnic that includes food, place settings, blankets, pillows, umbrellas, flowers, candles and keepsakes for everyone to take home.

You can choose from locations such as Nashville, Savannah, Atlanta, Dallas, France, Switzerland and more. In Atlanta, you may choose Piedmont Park or Winn Park. When in Atlanta, Forsythe Park could be your choice for your picnic location. You can choose the exact spot in the parks where you'd like to have your luxury picnic. Each place offers different locations for your special day. You can choose other locations as well for your luxury picnic.

Perhaps you are planning a proposal that you want to be special and over the top. You can choose the Extravagant Proposal Package or the Fairytale Proposal Package to create the most awesome proposal ever. These packages are going to exceed both you and your future bride's expectations. These packages can include a helicopter ride to private mountain property, flowers, place settings and a private chef. Romantic settings, a videographer and so much more can help you create the perfect proposal that is sure to get you a "yes".

These luxury picnic options are going to more than impress you and your guests. You will have a great time together in the great outdoors enjoying the best food selections and settings. You don't have to do anything but show up and enjoy yourself. Your guests are going to brag to others about how awesome your picnic was and how much they enjoyed it.

When you are looking for something special for someone special, the luxury picnic is your solution. Make sure your next event is a mind-blowing event that you and your guests have never experienced before. Make sure it has all of the special details that you had hoped for to be the best gathering ever.

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