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Celebrate Your Anniversary with a Luxury Picnic

Anniversaries are an essential part of life. They help us to remember the important days in our lives. A few days in life are as meaningful as the day we get married. . It is the day you commit to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. For this reason, it is essential to celebrate a wedding anniversary uniquely. What better way to celebrate than with a luxury picnic? At PIC-NIC we offer luxury picnics for all of your most memorable occasions. Our Basically, Not Basic package is ideal if you are looking to celebrate an anniversary. This package serves two to four people and costs around $350.00. Prices vary depending on the location you choose. Beach destinations tend to cost more than park picnics.

All-Inclusive Package

The package includes a two-hour picnic, set up and takedown, two boho luxury blankets, four hand-made Moroccan pillows, and keepsake seashells. We also include candles to give a romantic touch. The fun-loving couple might even consider one of our extra goodies. For $30.00, you can include a fun game of cornhole. An additional $350.00, will hire a photographer to capture the special event.

More Exciting Packages

The Basically, Not Basic Package is not the only romantic option PIC-NIC offers. There are also two different proposal packages. One is the Extravagant Proposal package which costs $2,550.00. Included with this package is a private helicopter ride to a mountain estate. Your luxury picnic will await the both of you upon arrival. A five-star personal chef is available for the preparation of your meal. The total length of this experience is three hours.

The other package is the Fairytale Proposal Package. This package costs $3,500 and consists of a professional musician, and a photographer specializing in engagements. There is also a plated meal, along with a delicious dessert handcrafted by a professional baker. When booking either proposal package, a fifty percent deposit is required.

Contact Us for An Exhilarating Experience

With PIC-NIC, you can add on the bonfire bundle for $450.00. A great thing about this bundle is the necessary city permit is included in the price. This price may fluctuate depending on the size of your party. Other addons PIC-NIC offers include a live musician, cake, full-time attendant, additional cushions, extra table, or more hours. A luxury picnic is an excellent idea for any special occasion. Call us today for an exhilarating experience of a lifetime!

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