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Experience a luxury pop up picnic in Switzerland with PIC-NIC

Lake Geneva, Switzerland.png
Lake Geneva

The best way to experience Lake Genève. Book a luxury pop up picnic experience. For questions or to book, please call:

+33 07 86 61 91 60

the best thing to do activity in Genève experience a luxury picnic on top of the Salève la

The best luxury experience in Genève, picnic on top of the Salève. For questions or to book, please call:

+33 07 86 61 91 60

Geneva, Switzerland_Sunflower Vinyard.jpg
Sunflower Vinyards, Geneva

Experience the countryside or if you prefer, we will drive up to 48 km radius of Genève. For questions or to book, call: 

+33 07 86 61 91 60


 Price for Luxury Popup Picnic in Switzerland

2-4 PERSONNES | €445 

5-8 PERSONNES | €654

Food Option to Add On


PIC-NIC has a personal relationship with the best Fromageries and bistros in France. We are proud to offer our guests delicious charcuterie and fromage hand-crated by some of the best artisans in Europe. If you choose to work with our personally curated chefs it is 40 € per person.

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