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Samantha Dawkins Orihuela

Enter Lyndsey and Davin. Two locals who fell in love at an early age, built a family and weathered many military calls to the service of Uncle Sam. Amidst all of that, they built a luxury bonfire company – most known for its exceptional culture and experience.


The duo became the perfect partners to launch PIC-NIC, beginning along the sugary sands of 30A.


Together, we invite you to the table for your own divine moments.


Enjoy the Rambling Table and ramble on.




Let your heart be your guide.

After 15 years of building celebrity brands for others, I stood there with my toes in the water of Seaside, Florida and a new baby in hand. I wondered what life might look like if I went all-in – on faith. I only knew one thing for sure. I wanted to work for, and build, a very different type of company.

PIC-NIC believes togetherness is divine and that every pop-up experience is an opportunity for transcendence.


We believe an invitation to the table can change everything. At the table, we connect, share, heal, forgive, laugh, love, celebrate and grow. The table is a platform for cosmic collisions.

Lyndsey and Davin Hand
Luxury Picnic
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