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Rules of the Road

Refunds, Cancellations & Stuff to Know


Booking Times

Each PIC-NIC service lasts 2 hours. We suggest the following start times: 10:00AM, 2:00PM, 6:00PM. Your artist will arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to set up your experience. All start times are in the local time zone.


Online Booking


Reserve your luxury popup PIC-NIC table online by paying the initial 50% deposit. Any cancellations will incur a $175 fee. 


Beach Specifics

In Santa Rosa Beach Beach, due to county regulations, changing your date will require a $125 new event date fee. We operate at public beach accesses linked here. Therefore, space is limited and subject to change with county regulations and turtle nesting. Due to the limited nature of permits, please offer us 2 access choices so we will be able to purchase a permit when it is available. If you are staying at the beachfront property or are the homeowner of the beachfront property, we will be able to operate on your beachfront property with written homeowner consent and a convenience fee will apply. Please review our refund and cancelation policies here. Refunds do not include the deposit or any additional costs for permits. Full refunds will not be issued due to the cost of permitting. Call 404-692-3144 for more information.


  1. NO glass on the beach: wine bottles, beer bottles, food containers, decor items, etc.

  2. NO lights on the beach during turtle nesting season (May-October)

  3. NO exploding confetti or latex balloons are allowed at our bonfires due to the harmful nature to our beach environment. Please consider other options for your celebrations. 

  4. NO floating lanterns or fireworks as they are unlawful in the state of Florida. 

  5. Leave No Trace. Please help us leave the beach cleaner than we found it by picking up garbage and using the provided trash cans during your bonfire. 

For Events with 30 or More People


Please note all events with 30 or more guests will require an enhanced Special Event Permit fee from the county. We are happy to help you coordinate this or work with others, like Santa Rosa Beach wedding planners.

Permits and Locations


Any beach picnics that requests flame-bearing candle(s) require a bonfire permit that our team is responsible for obtaining from the county and SWFD. These permits are purchased within a 2-week window before the event. Walton County will not allow for bonfire permits to be purchased in advance without a Special Event Permit. We aim to purchase all the necessary permits for your desired location as soon as it is available, however,  these permits may be sold out and are based on availability through the county.  Please consider a first and second choice for your location and flexible dates to give us a better chance at getting your first choice.


We want everyone to have the best possible experience with us. 

We will gladly move your picnic to a new date. However, please note the following:


If you would like a refund due to weather, you must notify us by noon (12pm) one business day before your picnic. Of course, we would always invite you to re-book or identify an alternate location. Doing so, may be subject to availability. Additionally, some locations (such as Walton County, will charge a new permitting fee of $125 to move your picnic to a new date.

Turtle Nests

Turtle nests may pop up during the nesting season, May - October. Should a turtle nest block your beach use, we will move your beach picnic to the next available beach access with a $125 temporary permit fee and any additional permitting fees that may apply. Moving due to turtle nests does not grant a refund.


As with all event companies, we have an event cancellation fee.  All picnics include a $175 cancellation fee.


Why do event companies charge a cancellation fee when an event is cancelled?

After you book and pay a deposit, someone starts working on your behalf. Additionally, you removed availability in the market resulting in lost business for the company.


We know you wouldn't want to stiff anyone! After you book, someone starts spending hours on your behalf talking about locations, sending photos, talking about menus, coordinates schedules with chefs, live music, placing your flower orders. 


One frequently asked question is:  Can I bring my own food? Of course! Just let us know that's your preference.

The customer is responsible for the return of all materials in good condition or will be billed for the cost of each item. Pic-Nic is not responsible for any accidental injury while using picnic equipment.
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