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PIC NIC With Style

If you're a picnic lover, you are going to love PIC NIC. They are going to be your host for the best PIC NIC gathering you have ever experienced. If you're looking for a way to gather all of your favorite people for some great food, great company and a luxury picnic experience, look no more.

You can choose from several different packages that offer a variety of items. Having a party or a picnic has never been better. You don't have to do anything but show up. PIC NIC takes care of setting up everything that you want. They will have the table settings, cutlery, flowers, umbrellas, blankets, pillows, candles and more. There are even keepsake seashells that you get to take with you after the picnic. You've never had a PIC NIC gathering like this before.

These luxury PIC NIC's are available in Savannah, Atlanta, Dallas, Nashville, France and Switzerland. You can choose the location you want. When you book the luxury PIC NIC you can enjoy great food from local chefs that are going to create a picnic to remember. This food is like no other picnic food you have ever had. Charcuterie boards, barbecue boiled shrimp and more are available. The menu you can choose from depends on the location that you choose for your picnic.

Cornhole games, bonfires and other fun things can also be enjoyed by you and your guests when you have PIC NIC take care of your luxury gathering. You may choose to have live music and delicious cake for your pic nic gathering. You get to choose. You get to have all of the things that you want to make your picnic experience unique and all about you and your group. You can also have photos made to help capture the day and the experience.

If you are planning a proposal, choose the proposal package so that you create a day that you both will never forget. Perhaps a helicopter ride to a private estate in the Blue Ridge mountains is the place you'd like to propose. You and your fiance can enjoy a meal prepared just for you by a private chef. All the cutlery, settings, drinks and flowers will create a great picnic proposal and you'll have 3 hours to enjoy one another. You may prefer to have an acoustic guitar player who plays just for the two of you while you dine at a wonderful dinner just for the happy couple. You can enjoy beautiful flowers, romantic candles and a boho-chic-style environment. There is no better way to propose than with a luxury PIC NIC.

This experience is going to exceed anything that you have ever expected. It's so much more than a party.

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