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A 50% deposit holds your reservation and a PIC-NIC artist starts working on your behalf to curate a divine experience.

is Divine

There is nothing more human than breaking bread together. Enjoy the world’s only internationally known boho-chic Pic-Nic that started in Seaside, Florida. Unapologetically maximalist, nostalgic and whimsically nomadic – there’s an element of hand-craft in every setup. So, no experience is exactly the same.


This is barefoot luxury at its best.


At the rambling table, anything can happen. But only one thing is guaranteed – a good time.


Image by Jacob Thomas

PIC-NIC Packages

Basically, Not Basic


  • 2 Hour Picnic

  • Labor Set Up

  • Labor Takedown

  • 1 Handmade Vintage Picnic Table, Seats 2-4

  • 1 Boho-Chic Luxury Umbrella

  • 2 Boho-Chic Luxury Blankets

  • 4 Hand-made Moroccan Lounging Pillows

  • 1 Picture Perfect Flower Arrangement

  • Up to 4 Cutlery Sets

  • Keepsake Seashells with Each Setting

  • Candles   

Picnic Envy Premium

$55-8 PEOPLE

  • 2 Hour Picnic

  • Labor Set Up

  • Labor Takedown

  • 2 Handmade Vintage Picnic Tables, Seats 5-8

  • 2 Luxury Boho-Chic Umbrellas

  • 4 Luxury Boho-Chic Blankets

  • 8 Hand-made Moroccan Lounging Pillows

  • 2 Picture Perfect Flower Arrangements

  • Up to 8 Cutlery Sets

  • Keepsake Seashells with Each Setting

  • 2 Sets of Candles    

Luxe Revelry


  • 2 Hour Picnic                     

  • Labor Set Up

  • Labor Takedown

  • 4 Handmade Vintage Picnic Tables, Seats 9-12

  • 4 Luxury Boho-Chic Umbrellas

  • 8 Luxury Boho-Chic Blankets

  • 12 Moroccan Lounging Pillows

  • 3 Picture Perfect Flower Arrangements

  • Up to 10 Cutlery Sets

  • Keepsake Seashells with Each Setting

  • 4 Sets of Candles


13-20 PEOPLE

  • 2 Hour Picnic                     

  • Labor Set Up

  • Labor Takedown

  • 5 handmade Vintage Picnic Tables, Seats 13-20

  • 5 Luxury Boho-Chic Umbrellas

  • 10 Luxury Boho-Chic Blankets

  • 20 Hand-made Moroccan Lounging Pillows

  • 4 Picture Perfect Flower Arrangements

  • Up to 20 Cutlery Sets

  • Keepsake Seashells with Each Setting

  • 5 Sets of Candles 

Fairytale Proposal

$3,500 | 2 PEOPLE
For our 30A Santa Rosa Beach location, Walton County charges a “special event” permit fee that may increase with group size. The following will be included for large groups:

$275, 30-50 guests  |  $550, 51-75 guests  |  $1100, 76+ guest

Image by frank mckenna

Extra Goodies to Add On

Food Options


We have curated selections from local chefs in each market who provide selections of charcuterie, mouth-watering BBQ, delicious shrimp boil, and gourmet sweets. If you would like to add-on any items, your PIC-NIC artist can provide the menu.


A 15% convenience service charge will be added.

Cornhole Game  + $30

Want to pass the time with friends and family with a little friendly competition? Add on our  cornhole game to bring lots of laughs and fun to your picnic. Includes 2 boards and 8 bean bags for tossing. 

Bonfire Bundle  + $450

Our taste is simple, we like the best. That's why we partner with the luxury bonfire company 30A Blaze. This bundle includes the additional city permit and full-time attendant. *Service only available in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.


Capture the moment with our photographer partner who will meet you for portraits and stay for the candids we all love! $350 per session, ask for more info. 


Other Extras


"Picnic is perfect in many ways. The experience, the ease, the beauty. I love how it's set up and I don't have to worry about cleaning. Every detail of the set up was stunning, I wanted to take it all home with me!"
- Patricia Karam, Atlanta


"What a fairytale delight. My husband surprised me with this to celebrate our pregnancy - we arrived to an immaculately prepared setting with sparkling cider and a bomb charcuterie plate. Super cute pics. So many people stopped to comment. 10/10 recommend."
- Mariana Burnstein, Brookhaven, Atlanta Ga

MAY 2020

 "We had a wonderful day, thanks to you! Everyone came by to say how impressive the set up was. We couldn't agree more. The entire arrangement was so easy and made us able to relax and enjoy. We appreciate how attentive you were and the amenities you provided ... it was just awesome!" 
- M. Katz,

APRIL 2020

"Family really is everything. You remember that, especially when someone is sick. That's why our picnic was special. It was more than a regular day together, it's a family memory we'll always hang onto no
matter what."
- Chabella Gamboa, Florida

MAY 2021